because even the alphabet is precious (eventhealphabet) wrote,
because even the alphabet is precious

At Night // Laurie Lee

I think at night my hands are mad,
for they follow the irritant texture of darkness
continually carving the sad leaf of your mouth
in the thick black bark of sleep.
And my finger-joints are quick with insanity,
springing with lost amazement
through a vast waste of dreams
and forming frames of desire
around the thought of your eyes.
By day, the print of your body
is like a stroke of sun on my hands,
and the choir of your blood
goes chanting incessantly
through the echoing channels of my wrists.
But I am lost in my hut
when the stars are out,
for my palms have a catlike faculty of sight
and the surface of every minute
is a swinging image of you.
Tags: poet:laurie lee, subject:a great and gruesome height

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